Roar: Career App for Women

Learn & Practice Interpersonal Skills

Strong interpersonal skills help people grow from front-line roles to the C-suite.

Think communication, negotiation, handling difficult colleagues, managing your manager, and more.

College does not teach us these skills that are crucial to our careers.

Roar does.

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* All genders are welcome to try our app

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Join ambitious women from around the world

Members from high-tech companies like Amazon, Google, Pinterest, startups and more

Love This

It's a must have app. I felt so good to see that star performers also need coaching and yes it's okay to ask help! Loved it..

Must have skills to advance in your career

The interpersonal skills taught by the app are highly relevant. Besides offering lessons from industry leaders, I also like the fact that the app has built-in tools to practice these skills.

Enjoying the content

One thing I absolutely like about Roar is the mindset and issue based approach for women at workplace.


Five Stars!

Wholesome career coaching, made accessible like never before

How Roar Works

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mobile app screenshot showing the home page for Roar app
 Learn inter-personal skills (aka soft skills)

 Learn intra-personal skills (aka emotional intelligence)

 Build skills With AI

 Coaching and Community

Coaching customized to your level

What You'll Learn:
  • How to earn the trust of managers and team members

  • How managers and senior managers think and act

  • How to build assertiveness and confidence, as well as how to handle difficult people.

The Result:
  • Become established in your tech career and develop a sense of belonging.

    Start working towards promotions and leadership roles.


Remember, it's easy to take things personally or question ourselves.

But exposure to senior women leaders will help you deduce when a problem is caused by you and when it's the environment.

What You'll Learn:
  • How to earn the trust of your manager so you can ask for challenging projects / opportunity to manage a team

  • Giving and receiving feedback without getting defensive

  • Finding mentors and building strong long-term relationships with them

  • Advocating for yourself to your management chain, not just your manager

The Result:
  • Get promoted to leadership roles - people leadership (manager) or project/tech leadership, faster.


You will practice the skills that make a manager effective, even if you aren't a manager.

This will make you influential and confident.

What You'll Learn:
  • Advocating for yourself to your management chain, not just your manager

  • Finding sponsors inside your company and building strong long-term relationships with them

  • Listen to Senior Managers, Directors and VPs in Tech and get exposure to how they think

  • Become a stronger manager who is not unfazed by difficult team mates or managers.

  • Handling difficult environments, dealing with insecure people and setting boundaries

The Result:
  • Grow into a senior leader and eventually, a P&L owner, faster.

    Improving your ability to manage people and their emotional states is a superpower that will take you places in your life and career.


Becoming a manager for the first time is one of the most challenging transitions in one's career.

Practicing psychology based techniques and learning from senior leaders will help you ride this part of the journey with a helpful crew.

What You Can Do:
  • Easy way to give back and help other women!

    Offer to mentor others, for free, or offer paid mentorship.

We will offer more services for you in 2024, including:
  • understanding businesses (reading profit & loss statements),

  • working with executives,

  • building a brand,

  • pivoting to VC/advisor/founder, and more

What You'll Learn:
  • Improve your soft skills to be able to ask; negotiate and influence people who can help you try the new role

  • Get exposure to how Senior Managers, Directors and VPs in Tech think and act so you can influence them better

  • (Coming soon) Find peers or advisors who can help you position yourself or offer feedback on your resume for the new role

The Result:
  • Transition to your new role more easily and without necessarily having to change employers


A big part of role changes is you feeling confident inside out about how to ask, how to position yourself and how to deal with a 'No'.

The things you'll learn through Roar will help you handle this phase more easily.

Build your executive presence, step by step

A glimpse of skills you'll develop with Roar:

✔ Communication
✔ Influence & Negotiation
✔ Managing difficult people
✔ Emotional Intelligence

Every employee has the potential to grow into an executive

But companies don't always invest in their people.
Even when they do, they don't start with interpersonal skills.

Roar helps you be intentional and take control of your career, from Day 1.

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Read more about our vision for Roar here.

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